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Ammonium nitrate (AN)

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•  Ammonium nitrate (AN)

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Ammonium nitrate (AN)Standard: DSTU 7370:2013

Normative document: DSTU 7370:2013 

Chemical formula: NH4 NO3 

Ammonium nitrate is used in agriculture as fertilizer and as a raw material in chemical industry. 

Storage and transportation: 
Packed ammonium nitrate is stored in dry and clean covered warehouses that protect product from precipitation. Ammonium nitrate packed in paper bags or in bulk is stored in temperature (≤ 30 °C) and humidity (≤ 50%) regulated warehouses. If ammonium nitrate is stored in bulk it is not allowed to mix it with other kinds of fertilizers. Ammonium nitrate packed in containers is allowed to store on open areas within one month. 
Ammonium nitrate is transported in packages and in bulk by all means of transportation, except by air, in accordance with cargo carriage regulations applicable to a particular transportation mode. Ammonium nitrate is stored and transported separately from other materials and substances.

Guaranteed storage life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.

No expiration date as fertilizer.